Channeling Course

$222.00 4 days

In this course we will be learning:

  • What is Channeling
  • The History of Channeling
  • Overview of Conscious Channeling
  • Opening & Closing Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Clearing your Channeling Space
  • Setting your Energy for Channeling
  • Meeting your Guides
  • Working with your Spirit Guides
  • How to Channel
  • Different ways to Channel
  • Channeling messages
  • Interpreting our Channeled Messages
  • Working with one another in a Group
  • Tips, Tools & Techniques for improving / enhancing your Channeling

Day Of Course: Tuesdays only



Channeling is allowing the Divine love from the higher realms to flow through ones energy channel. It is when a person’s body is being taken over by a Spirit or Spirit guide for the purpose of communicating with spirit world. Channelers, also known as psychic mediums, often use their Angels & Spirit Guides for assistance in communication with the other side. Even though a medium communicates with people who have passed away and a channeler communicates with spiritual beings/teachers, both practices are equally valuable, and messages are delivered in the alignment of our higher good.

Channeling also helps in expanding your consciousness to help bring through the truth from the higher realms of wisdom. Channeled messages can offer a great deal of insight and love to all in the physical plane.

Before you start to channel, you will need to surround yourself with the Divine light and call in your angels of love for protection. Avoid all negative entities!

The 3 different types of Channelings are:

  1. Clairvoyant Channeling
  2. Trance Channeling
  3. Conscious Channeling


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