Prayer Requests

We are all in need of prayer at some point in our life. Whether we are going through depression, an alignment, a sickness, disease or just simply need guidance to help find our way. Prayer is a way to lift one up during the most difficult and challenging times. I have always prayed since at an early age. At the age 6 years old, I believed everything has a purpose in life. And therefore, Prayer was a big part of me as we can all make a difference.

Growing up I looked to God for everything in my life and continue to do so. The blessings that I receive is beyond words and unmeasurable. God looks to us to come to him for prayer. I have not only been on the sending side of it, I have also witnessed Gods Miracles in humans and animals. If you have any prayer request, Please let me know as I feel internally blessed that you would request one. God Bless you…..