Nyx’s Story

It all started when I was seven years old, a little girl with big dreams and powerful prayers.
Every night I would lay down on the hill and look up at the sharpness in the deep blue sky. The stars were clear and the air was crisp.

God, I would ask, you have a purpose so big in my life and If there one gift that I could ask of you is to give me the power to heal. Just like Jesus did. This is a promise I would make to you.
Nothing else mattered because I just knew that God would be right by my side regardless whatever happens in my journey.
I always feel different from the others, and search for a better way and mostly for the truth. I didn’t realize that would come with such a price.

As years past, I became spiritually stronger and less earthbound. I felt completely connected and started to see things before they happened. I could feel the shifting of peoples energies, their sadness, happiness, and images formulating in my mind of the direction they were heading. Some wonderful, and for others not so wonderful.

I knew that with my gift of insight, I could help them see more clearly and understand the truth that they could live a much more fulfilling life. A life of purpose and pure love for themselves and others.

Throughout the years nothing has given me as much gratitude than to see the power of love for humankind and all those living beings that serve an equal purpose.

Without love, there is no existence. Without existence, there is no purpose.

Willow and Destiny

My darling baby girls, how hard your lives both were. It is your time to rest and enjoy the rest of your years. You are FREE, just as you have freed me. The light in your eyes and magnitude of your wisdom has enriched my soul and I walk with You as one.


My beautiful little angel, so innocent and pure. You’re one with the wind and rise with the sun. No other has taught me more than you for that I am eternally grateful.

Daisy, Nala, Tippie

My beautiful children. You remind me always to live my life with as much play and reverence. Life is given and can be taken in a blink of an eye. I will live, laugh, and love with you always.


You are the dance to my beating heart, my words to complete my song, my rock to walk my  journey. Together, we will show them the way sweet girl.


You are my teacher, my mentor. You have carried me and taught me to trust. You  brought me home safely every time, all because you know how much I love you. You believed in me when I had little faith to believe in myself. I love you.


When we looked upon one another, there was a connection that was beyond comprehension. I saw LIFE in you when darkness was all around. You have taught me how strong love can be.  How faith is our strongest will even when life is so hard, there is light.  You are my flame in the night that I may never be blinded to the truth of the darkest of shadows. May we share the brightest of colours to the world my beautiful boy.