Rose & Emily

I met Emily in 1985 and at that time I didn’t realize that our friendship would be divinely blessed by the hand of God. I truly believe we were brought together for a much higher purpose.

In 2015 a tragic event pulled us closer, and we both knew at that moment, our lives would journey together to do God’s work. The call was received!

Emily’s love, compassion and devotion brought us closer than we have ever been. We knew just to trust the plan that God had for us and to walk together by faith not sight.

Emily has the knowledge of Angelic communication and communications from the other side. This made our conversations easier to express our own personal journey.

In 2016, is when I heard a whisper from my Guardian Angel asking me to create a loving Angel group that would open doors for many, one day to come. They would understand the Divine work (love, compassion, and peace) that is needed to bring forth to many in this world. Without a doubt, I immediately placed a call to Emily and explained that I received the call to create an Angel circle. This would be a prayer group of warriors to pray and work through the divine for healing of the world. Emily and I continue to journey together bringing much love and light to many.

Angel circle still today continues in being a sacred space for all in sharing our light upon many and I would like to thank all the beautiful souls that have been a part of our journey.