Dear God…

Dear God, I thank you for PEACE, SERENITY, and DIRECTION. My undying love and faith in the belief of your existence has guided me to make the right decisions and to give all that I can to those in need. Please show me humility and humbleness that I may always speak with the purest of intentions.

As one, we serve the Universe. Together we honor God.

It is by the grace of the Divine to put me on this wonderful journey. It was one prayer, one direction.

I know the only service was to the almighty being and that was to serve humankind. My devotion to serve is with much purity, love and compassion.

Through channeling the afterlife, I want to bless those who have questions and need closure with their loved ones. I want you to know that “heaven really exists” and your loved ones are in peace and tranquility as they have served their life’s purpose on this earth preparing yet for another journey. They are watching over you, and that small voice inside is giving you direction. I help you bring peace and balance to hear that voice.