As a Medium and Psychic, I provide my service with compassion, love, honesty and respect.

It has become very clear that my service lies within working with souls who have happily crossed over to the other side and for those who need the direction to move forward.

How it works:

I receive information primarily and directly from spirit and spirit guides.

I communicate through mind and body with thoughts and feelings that come in the form of “ clairs”. I mentally “see” ( clairvoyance ) “hear” ( clairaudience) “feel” ( clairsentience ) and/or “ know “ (Clair-cognizance) . I act as the bridge between the spiritual and the physical world, with the intention of healing both worlds.

I communicate with spirit through evidential facts that will validate the continuity of life after the physical world.

Mediumship Reading

Rose is a Spiritual Medium who delivers messages from your loved ones who have crossed over.

The amount of healing, guidance, love and closure that is brought forth through a session only validates that your loves ones are in a safe place called “Heaven”.
Loved ones continuously show signs from the afterlife validating their presence that they walk the physical plane with you each and every day. They never leave your side.
Rose is extremely compassionate throughout her readings and very passionate in connecting families into the spirit world. Rose provides you with a sense of personal clarity, comfort, peace of mind in your life that Heaven is a place of Tranquility, Peace and Light.
During the reading you will have the opportunity to ask your loved ones questions or you can allow your loved ones just to simply validate only things you would know such as dates, events, names, places and that life carries on.
“ Your loved ones are only on a floor above “