You can be the light for others, but not their switch

My Name is Rose

Medium, Psychic & Founder,
Heaven On Earth Healing Centre Ltd

Heaven On Earth is dedicated to helping you find comfort, closure, guidance, joy, and answers through mediumship and angel readings, workshops, and energy work.

Until you’ve had a session, it’s almost impossible to understand the overwhelming joy and inner peace that a reading can offer.

We help our clients to find peace and feel a sense of completion. Crossing to the other side, one cannot describe the beauty that awaits their next journey.

It is with the greatest gratitude, I thank God for the ultimate blessing of such a gift.

If you…

  • Didn’t have the chance to say Goodbye to a loved one before they passed
  • Carry an ongoing feeling of unanswered questions
  • Miss someone deeply and hope to connect with them again, even though they’ve passed on
  • Know that your heart needs to heal and you just need some help
  • Are at a crossroads and need help with a major transition in your life
  • Feel as if you’ve been contacted by a spirit or angel and want answers

A Lifetime of Spirit

Some Psychic Mediums have developed their abilities through mentorships and teachings. I feel blessed to have been a natural born Medium & Psychic Messenger.

I was born with a gift of feeling, seeing, and communicating with spirits, guides, and angels from a very early age.

At age 6, I began hearing the whispers of angels all around me. I never felt alone, only joy.

By age 15, My clairs were developing at such a rapid speed, I was receiving direct communication from the deceased. My intuitive ability to read was also growing strong. I knew I was different from most people and always believed that there was much more existence than just the physical plane.

I began transmitting messages onto my friends and family as they were whispered to me. The messages contained details that only the recipients could validate them for themselves.

The result was that these messages helped people find peace in the confirmation that there really is life after death.

Words Of Inspiration

To be the best is to simply believe you are! No one ever teaches you to feel this, only you have the power to give or take from yourself.
We are birthed into this world and are more precious than you can ever imagine. Your thoughts are real and with the purest intentions.

Now who says that you’re not powerful!

We live in a society that teaches us to think an act as fast as we can. They say that opportunity only knocks once. WRONG!

We live in an abundant world that lacks nothing. It is only believed by what we hear and what we are taught.
Anything, and I mean anything you believe with every fibre of your being,  is achievable.
Belief knows not race or religion.
Belief, is in the knowing….

How Can I Help You Today?

Book A Virtual Mediumship Reading

One hour, one-to-one, confidential mediumship reading connecting you to lost loved ones and divine messages. These are currently done virtually over Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video.

Develop Your Own Clairvoyance

Develop your ability to connect with angels and spirits through group workshops for Angel Communication, Spirit Circles, and Mediumship. Workshops range from 3 days to 8 weeks.