Rose & Nyx

Our family comes from a lineage of Psychics and Mediums. At an early age communication on the other side was not foreign, not even for my sister Nyx Nightshade.

We were both able to read one another’s thoughts, and channel through people and their surroundings. Our souls became a unity of indescribable power.

Although it was second nature for my sister and I to communicate so freely, it was not always humanly possible to confide with others. Growing up, Nyx and I would often encapsulate ourselves in a bubble to keep our minds free and open to channel messages as purely as we can.

As we began reading for people, we were able to bring forth messages and give people the tools to navigate through their life journeys with more clarity and confidence.

Sharing our gifts became a priority for both of us and we do it out of love for the people that enter our lives.

We all are born with very special gifts. For Nyx and I, we consider it our obligation to pay it forward with love and compassion.

To deny oneself the importance of that gift, would be like ceasing the gateway to the air we breathe.