Animals Crossing Over Rainbow Bridge

When a pet is ready to cross over, Rose and Nyx are very passionate in helping the animal to transition to the other side. This allows the precious animal to know it is safe to cross over the rainbow bridge. It is a Gift within them, spoken telepathically.

Signs & Messages that animals send once they’ve crossed over the rainbow bridge:

  • Sounds ( like hearing an animal’s voice meaning, barking, neighing etc.)
  • Scents that remind you of the animal
  • Dream messages (in which an animal appears visually)
  • Telepathic messages of simple feelings or thoughts
  • Objects related to the animal (pets toys, collars, leashes) showing up somewhere you’ll notice it
  • Physical touch (such as a feeling of an animal jumping up on your lap, sofa or bed)
  • Written messages (like seeing an animal’s name after talking about the animal)
  • Feeling their presence around you

NOTE: To receive messages from your animal after they’ve crossed over, always pray to God. Ask God for help in hearing and receiving messages from an animal in Heaven.