Rose is a Spiritual Medium & Psychic. Tarot Reader, Angel Messenger, Animal Communicator, Akashic Records Reader, Crystal & Reiki Master.

My name is Rose DeGiorgio

Medium, Psychic & Founder
Heaven On Earth Healing Centre Ltd

I was born with a gift of feeling, seeing, and communicating with spirits, guides, and angels from a very early age.

At age 6, I began hearing the whispers of angels all around me. I never felt alone. Only joy.

By age 15, it was no longer whispers. My clairvoyance opened up and I would see things past, present and future. I received direct communication from angels. I consider these to be divine messages. I began passing them onto my friends and family as they appeared. Instead of pushback or doubt, I am blessed to have received nothing but support and encouragement in return.

The pure level of details delivered to the clients in a reading is why clients have no doubt their loved one is there with us at the time, even if not in body. The messages contained details only their recipient would understand, so that I was often asked, “How could you know about that?!”

As a Spiritualist medium, I am passionate about connecting families with loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit world, providing you with a sense of personal clarity, comfort, peace of mind in your life that Heaven is a place of Tranquility, Peace and Light.

Spiritually speaking

As a medium, I don’t need my clients to believe in God to have a successful reading. That said, I do like to share who I am as a person and what I believe.

I have always been aware of God working in my life in wonderful ways more than one ever can imagine.

My gifts have inspired me to serve as a Divine messenger and I believe that my gift is from God. My purpose and mission is to bring guidance, comfort, loving healing messages and closure.

God is Eternal

A Calling to Help & Heal

I am pleased to provide my service with the value of compassion, love, honesty and respect. It has become very clear that my service lies within working with souls who have happily crossed over to the other side and, for the most part, are at peace. I receive information primarily and directly from spirit,  guides and angels.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to communicate with your angels?

Since childhood, I have always felt blessed, knowing that Angels were amongst us. I have felt their comfort, presence, and heard their whispers.

I am very passionate about Angels and have always asked my angels to help me with comforting, guiding, and healing messages, whether it was for myself or others during my readings.

I have seen miracles happen. There is no coincidence. Angels are everywhere, and they are here to help all of us.

I believe that from the time of birth, we are assigned a guardian angel who helps us and protects us throughout our life. Our guardian angel is there to help us cross over to the other side of the veil when we die.

I love helping those who want to learn and understand about the wisdom of Angels and deepen their connection on much higher spiritual level. Angels can bring clarity, inspiration, a greater sense of meaning new ideas & creativity into your life.

I believe that Angels play the important role of God’s messengers.