Angel Communication Certification Workshops

Level 1

This 3 day weekend course will look at all aspects of,

  • Working with and building relationships with Angels
  • Angelic Meditations
  • How to work with angels to heal
  • How to work with your Arch Angels

Level 2

Embrace and celebrate the presence of different Arch Angels in your life in this 3 day weekend course!

  • Connecting with angels and archangels
  • Tap into the power of different prayers and meditations,
  • Be able to interpret the signs and symbols of angelic guidance,
  • Get clear on how to manifest your personal and professional desires, and learn how to properly use angel cards for psychic awakening

Level 3

In this 3 day weekend course, you will:

  • Master the art of receiving angelic messages
  • Unveil your life purpose with the help of your guardian angel
  • Receive your very own angel oracle cards
  • Readings for one another in class with or without oracle cards
  • How guides, angels and the departed communicate with language