Physical Medium Mychael Shane

Billet/Apport night with Physical Medium Mychael

Date: April 1st, 2023 (4:00pm – 11:00pm) – $225.00

Location: Four Points Sheraton, Mississauga ON

For an apport and billet reading seance, all in light.

The medium and cabinet checked by independent sitters. Instructions given by Mychael. Mychael chats to everyone sharing his stories and explaining tonight proceedings.

Everyone will be asked to write a question on a small piece of paper (handed out by the organizer) and on the back a number (or a sign), then placing them into a small box.

Mychael’s eyes will then be thoroughly covered, first with two silver coins then blindfold and then a bandana covering his eyes. Mycheal picks one from the audience to do this.

He then pulls one card after another out of the box, and the assistant on his right since will confirm the number. He does have 100% accuracy with the billets.

He answers every question belonging to each sitter. (This will change with 100- 150 people- again whoever is picked out from the box/basket/bowl). As Medium Karen Richards from Perth Australia stated: “He is 100% spot on and it is brilliant to watch, actually sensational

Then Mychael goes into the Cabinet, his mouth taped by a sitter by Mychael’s choice. When Mychael indicated to open the door, one sitter was waiting to remove the tape and two sitters were waiting with the cloth to catch the apports.

In Perth June 2022 a total of 119 crystals were apported, beautiful colours, including a large amazing necklace, all gifted to sitters. The emotions/energy in the room could be felt by all. It’s just once in a life time experience.

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Healing séance in TOTAL DARK room with Physical Medium Mychael Shane

Date: April 2nd, 2023 (4:00pm – 11:00pm) – $225.00

Location: Four Points Sheraton, Mississauga ON

In a completely darkened séance room, while Mychael Shane is tied by the wrists to the arms of a wooden chair, inside the séance cabinet, with his mouth full of water and duct tape applied across his lips, you will most likely hear from Master Lady Nada, who is the Spirit MC of the evening.

Lady Nada has been working with Mychael since he was the age of four. You will find Lady Nada humorous, very matter of fact, and always very compassionate and loving.

After the Opening Prayer, the I Command Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer are said, in that order, the music is turned on or Ohm’s are begun by all the sitters.

Soon, the trumpet will be heard rattling, and then the wonderful, loving voice of Lady Nada will be heard by all present in the room. After a brief hello and usually some humour on Lady Nada’s part, the sitters in the room are asked by Lady Nada to count off; one, two, three, etc. This is done is case there are more than one Jane, Bubba or Irene in the séance sitting.

After everyone has counted off, there may be a short lecture on a topic chosen by Lady Nada. This has always been found to be very informative and always makes everyone feel loved and comfortable.

Then, under the direction of Lady Nada, number one person will be asked to come forward to place themselves in a chair, now called the healing chair, that is positioned about eight inches from the front of the séance cabinet.

To assist in this movement, there is a pre-determined person who is holding a red-light flashlight, and with Lady Nada’s instructions, will turn on the red-light flashlight and help guide number one person to the healing chair in front of the séance cabinet.

Once this person is safely in the healing chair, the red flashlight will be turned off and the music turned back on or chanting of ohms will begin.

During this time, one or more of The Masters will materialize their hands and arms, and then step out of the cabinet and place their healing hands on the person sitting in the healing chair.

You may feel large hands, small hands and sometimes more than two hands; could be male or female! You may also receive a kiss on the top of the head or on you hand by one of the Masters. The Masters may touch you with their hands on your back, shoulders, head, neck, and or ears.

You will receive a healing where the Master’s deem most important, which may not be what you may deem most important. You will receive a healing, be it; emotional, physical, spiritual or mental. When the healing is complete, the Master(s) will retreat back into the séance cabinet.

The red-light flashlight will be requested by Lady Nada to be turned on, and that red light will assist the person sitting in the healing chair back to their original seat. Once that person is seated, Lady Nada will instruct the next person, number two, to come up to the healing chair, following the same procedure followed by number one and on through the rest of the numbers of the people present in the séance room until all have received a healing by a Master(s). When everyone has received a healing, Lady Nada will then bid her goodbyes.

Trumpet will fall, the leader of the séance will count to sixty in their head, and this is to ensure that no other spirts wish to come in and speak; which sometimes happens; the closing prayer is said and the song to bring Mychael back is sung.